About Us

Tuckaway Cottage Designs, LLC was started by Edward Donohue. Ed has 40+ years of experience as a building contractor in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, where he has worked on hundreds of houses. As a builder, he has designed many of those houses himself, working on a drafting table with pencil and paper. He would work on the drawings in the evenings after work and on weekends in his spare time. It was a job, a hobby, and a pursuit of passion for home design. He would design a house for a client and then build that house with the client’s input. These houses were built and many happy customers were created.

Now, with 3D CAD software, designs can be created quicker and then tested right on the drawing table, er, I mean, computer screen. Plan variations are simpler. 3D views, inside and outside, are easily created and bring the plan to life. In the end, it’s more fun!

Ed has followed the trend of tiny houses and is intrigued by the lifestyle they offer. Simple, modest, efficient and freewheeling.  Many have great visual appeal. For the right person, they are a great way of living. Ed, however, feels more comfortable with the same simple, modest, and efficient in a somewhat larger package and without the freewheeling part. His small cottage designs pursue these ideals for a somewhat different clientele. Using his building and design experience, he has taken the time to design these backyard cottages and offer them to those who share his vision.

View some of our small houses plans here!