Cottage Plans for Sale

Plans for these cottage designs are now available for purchase.

What our plan set includes:

A full plan set contains 9 sheets of Arch C, 18” x 24”. The individual sheets contain 2D and 3D views, plans, details and notes as follows:

  • Sheet 1 --- Cover sheet --- Artistic rendering of cottage, 3D perspective views showing all exterior sides, an interior view, an interior dollhouse view. Also, design criteria, misc. notes & specifications and some individual plan data.
  • Sheet 2 --- Foundation Plan --- foundation plan in ¼” scale, 3D view, construction details and notes.
  • Sheet 3 --- Floor Plan --- floor plan in ¼” scale, wall framing plan, top down roof view showing roof pitches, window and door schedules.
  • Sheet 4 --- Ceiling and roof framing details
  • Sheet 5 --- Framing details --- generic wall, roof and ceiling framing details; lumber and framing notes.
  • Sheet 6 --- Elevations --- front, rear, left and right side elevations, notes on windows and doors and misc. notes.
  • Sheet 7 --- Cross sections --- cross section views w/framing details, some roof framing details.
  • Sheet 8 --- Kitchen plan --- kitchen and bath plans, kitchen and bath elevations, cabinet schedule.
  • Sheet 9 --- Electrical Plan --- electrical plan, electrical schedule, electrical notes.

You can order our plan sets as a PDF download. All of our plans are priced the same.

A PDF download is $499.00.  The downloaded plans are in color. If you print sheet 1 in color, you will get full color 3D perspective renderings of all sides and a 3d artistic, perspective view of your cottage, approximately 11” wide x 5” high. This one page in color would cost about $20 - $25. All other pages could be printed in black and white for less than $2 each. The PDF download is your best buy. You’ll get the plans almost immediately and you can then print pages as you need them. Your masonry contractor will only need the foundation page; your electrician would need only the electrical page; your cabinet supplier would need only the kitchen plan page. You can print as needed for your single project.

Your printed receipt acts as your License Agreement which states that the original purchaser of a cottage plan set, after legally purchasing a cottage plan from Tuckaway Cottages, LLC., is entitled to build one cottage, as shown on the purchased plans. This license applies only to the original purchaser. Plans and License Agreement may NOT be transferred or sold to anyone else. If the original purchaser wants to build more than one cottage from these plans, then this purchaser must contact Tuckaway Cottages, LLC. and purchase additional licenses.

ATTENTION: It is noted that local requirements for building any structure vary widely. It is expected that the Owner of the property where the cottage is to be built will comply with all local codes and requirements. A License Agreement does NOT in any way satisfy these local requirements; its sole purpose is to protect Tuckaway Cottages, LLC., from unwarranted uses of their intellectual property. Also note that you may be required to have the plans reviewed and approved by a licensed local architect or engineer. The plans may need to be sealed by the reviewing architect or engineer. Please contact your local building authority to learn about these local building requirements.

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